Carmon Construction was incorporated in 1983 and is a certified HUBZone contractor. Since that time we have completed over ninety projects. We have taken a gradual approach in expanding our construction parameters for both overall construction cost and complexity. In doing so we have established a reputation for quality construction while staying within desired completion time frames and overall project cost ceilings.

We have worked diligently to gain a solid record of quality construction in all projects regardless of size and complexity. Our program of top level, hands on oversight, while utilizing the concept of participative management, is centered on a continual qualitative check of all aspects of a given project in detail from the beginning to completion. This process assures a quality control program before and during construction, not after the fact.

Carmon Smith, president, works personally with our project managers to assure that quality standards are met. Through the team effort of project manager, site superintendent, quality control and assurance superintendent and jobsite secretary Carmon Construction will assure a satisfactory project in a timely manner.