Beefmaster is a breed of beef cattle that was developed in
    the early 1930s by Tom Lasater from a crossing of Hereford
    and Shorthorn cattle with Brahman stock. The exact mixture of
    the foundation cattle is unknown, but is thought to be about
    25% Hereford, 25% Shorthorn and 50% Brahman. It was the
    second new breed of cattle registered in the United States. The
    original intention was to produce cattle that could produce
    economically in the difficult environment of South Texas.
    The cattle were selected by using the Six Essentials
    weight, conformation, milking ability, fertility, hardiness
    and disposition. Though there are no standards for color,
    most are red, however others are paint, dun, roan, white,
    brown, tan, or black.

Smith Farms has utilized the best genetics in the breed over the past 25 years. From 2000 to 2004 our Herd Sire was a Lasster Bull out of the foundation herd. Our Herd Sire since 2005 is a Black Magic Son, who is solid Red and Smooth Pole. We always have Herd Sire prospects for sale and ocassionally we have Breeding age Heifers for sale too.